Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keepin' It Real

My cousin owns a cleaning business, one of the best things she posted to Facebook was an ecard saying "I get most of my cleaning done in the 5 minutes before company arrives".  Yup!  Pretty much sums me up!  I have friends coming into town tomorrow night, otherwise this room would have stayed like this but Kim likes sewing so I know she will want to see my sewing room and I just couldn't show it to her for the first time looking like this.

Ahh, here we go.  Let's note the Kitchen Aid box on my cutting table.  The box of fabric on the floor...

...the pillows stacked up on the futon, the bag from Joanns (more on that later), the binder of knitting patterns dating back to the 70s, the random shelf... it was a mess!

And the after pic!  Look, I have a floor!

And a sofa you can actually sit on and more things on the walls...

And a desk that is visible and usable!  (More on the desk another day- it deserves a post all to its self.)  Of course, in the process of cleaning up I found three quilt tops that need to be basted, one that I need to finish quilting, a knitting project that just needs the ends woven in, another knitting project that is just getting started and needs a lot of work, and the fabric that mom chose for her next quilt using her current color scheme... seems it was smart of me to walk out of a quilt shop last week empty handed, I have enough projects that I need to work on!

How many projects do you typically have going at one time?


  1. Haha! Yeses what a difference indeed. :) I wouldn't have judged though.

    1. I would have judged myself if I had let you see that in person!