Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hawaiian Inspirations

I am officially a wife!  The wedding was wonderful- so much fun! My new husband and best guy friend from high school hit it off so well that we already have plans to visit him and his wife in Cali next month- yay! And the flower girl presents were a big hit!

Now we are on our Hawaiian honeymoon and I keep spotting quilting goodies.

First there was the prettiest newspaper I've ever seen, found in the hotel lobby. 

There there were some surprise finds at Walmart in the form of Hawaiian print fabrics and...

Japanese print fabrics. I never realized there was such a big japanese population here. 

And how about this crafty section in... Ace Hardware!! We were picking up the rental car and I saw a sign for Ace Hardware and Crafts and got curious, so in we went.  It really was crafts!  No fabric, but lots of yarn, home decorations, that sort of stuff.  Can we get one of these on the mainland?  Seems like the perfect hardware store to me- something for the husbands and for the wives :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Boredom Buster Bags (I hope!)

Oh, I have been quiet lately!  I didn't mean to be, sewing and crafting have just taken a back seat the last few weeks while final wedding preparations are underway- 5 days and counting!!  I did do a little sewing today though, so I thought I would share the gifts I am giving my two little cousins who are my flower girls. 

Many thanks to for the adorable appliques!  This alphabet set was on sale for $8, however when I logged on Sunday to purchase it they were running a special and if you spent $5 you received this alphabet as a free gift- what perfect timing!

The files stitched up beautifully...

and I LOVE the little hemstitch around the flower. 

On the back I stitched "Flower Girl" and the date, just for a nod to the occasion.

I was having trouble figuring out what to give the girls and finally decided to choose a few things to help them stay busy over the weekend in the hotel or even at the reception.  I found a Disney Princess wedding paper doll set so they each got that, along with a Color Wonder coloring book (so they can't get anything on the borrowed tablecloths :) with sparkle pages, and travel tanagrams (because I had them when I was little and loved them).  Hope the girls enjoy their presents.