Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutu Wreath Tut

I have a bunch of oh-so-cute door decorations that have graced my front door over the years, but when we moved into the rental house most of those decorations could no longer be used.  The door here is metal so I super glued magnets to the back of a Command hook so I can hang things on the door, but I can only hang lightweight decorations

Not one to accept a bare door as a fact of life, I turned to... Pinterest!  I had pinned a few wreaths and finally had the perfect excuse reason to make one!  I figured a tulle, tutu-inspired wreath would be lightweight enough to work and was thrilled when I wandered into Hobby Lobby a few weeks after Christmas and found huge rolls of red and white tulle on sale for 60% off!  The wreath was perfect on the door but now that Valentines Day is over it needed to be changed out.  I figured as long as I was making one, why not make it my first tutorial! 

Making a Tutu Wreath

I started by removing all of the tulle from my current wreath so I had the plain wreath form.  I managed to get double duty out of the wreath form by taking a bread knife and slicing the form in two - each with a flat side for the back, so it sits even better against the door.  (the purple polka dot ribbon is what I use to hang the wreath.)

I chose six colors of tulle and cut them to 21" in length.  They were sold in rolls, so I just used the width of the roll.  If you are buying tulle by the yard and need to cut the width too, I would say it is about 8".  I then folded the tulle in half and placed it under the wreath form.

I put my pointer and middle fingers through the loop that was created by folding the tulle, and then brought the other side of the tulle over the top of the wreath and placed it between my two fingers.

I was then able to pull the tulle easily through the loop

and pull it tight.  You may have to get closer to the knot afterwards and wiggle the tulle to tighten it a little more.  On the new tulle that I had just used I had to do this, but on the colors I reused from the Valentines wreath, the tulle was already bent from being on the wreath before and it fell into place without really needing to be tightened.  Continue in this manner until you have made your way around the wreath.

Here is a photo of the back of the wreath, the purple polka dot ribbon / wreath hanger can be seen here.  I tied a piece of ribbon onto the wreath form as I was making the wreath and just made sure that the tulle covered the ribbon on the front, but not the back. 

And, of course, a photo of the new Easter wreath on the front door!  I love this wreath and think it is so fun and spring-y, and the color combinations are endless!  If you have any questions, I will answer them in the comments. 

Do you feel the need to always have something festive on your door too?

Edited to add: I love my Easter wreath, but the colors really do not show up well from a distance.  Even pulling into the driveway you can tell there is a wreath on the door but it all kind of blends together.  If I were to do it again, I would make sure to have more contrast in my colors.

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