Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's Twist

Remember that quilt I was making for my mom?  The one she was so excited about?  I went to visit her the other day and when I walked into the living room I saw she had redecorated it again (the third time in as many months) and the quilt she wanted so badly is now the wrong colors.  On the bright side, it meant that 1) I get to keep that quilt, 2) I get to keep all the fabric which I love, and 3) we went shopping for new fabrics for her and I managed to sneak two charm packs for myself into her bag.  One of Vanessa Christian's Simply Color and one of Kate Spain's Cuzco.  I sewed them up into a simple patchwork...

then added a 3" boarder (white with gray polka dots, from Jo-Anns)...

and then took the Lil' Twister tool to it! 

I haven't decided if I like this look or if I wish I had kept the simple patchwork.  It is awfully busy now with the pinwheels and the patchwork was so clean and classic and made such a nice impact.  I do have the small 2" squares that were leftover after the Lil' Twister, so I can still do a small patchwork project with them.  Too late to second guess myself on the big quilt now, I suppose.  The picture above is before I had sewn the blocks together.  I have a few together now and like it a little better since the pinwheels are smaller.  I'm still not convinced I love it, but I will finish it.  It could look cute and bright hanging over my couch for a pop of color, or it could always go on the wall in the sewing room- bright, scrappy, and colorful always looks good there!

Where is your go-to spot for hanging a quilt?  Do you have them around your house?  Or confine them to a sewing/crafting space?

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