Friday, February 22, 2013

In the Words of Reese Witherspoon...

"if it's not moving, monogram it!"

As a good southern girl, I LOVE a monogram!  Even my gym shorts are monogrammed.  My fiancée does not have a middle name and has already been informed that our future children will have middle names- specifically because their names will need to be monogrammable :)

I had some knit fabric laying around from a previous (and failed) tshirt sewing jaunt, so I salvaged what I could to make a casual little infinity scarf. In order to make it a little more interesting though, I stuck it under my embroidery machine first to add those three little letters that instantly make everything better- AJG.

I have monogrammed a few knits and I get a little better each time, but still no where near perfect.  The fabric always ends up stretching and when I take the stabailizer off the monogram is wavy because the knit is stretched.  Any tips?  I tried a sticky back stabalizer this time and did not hoop the fabric and it definately helped, but I know it can be improved on.  I would love any feedback you may have!

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