Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Perfect Portable Project

Just as I suspected (because everyone in blogland has said it for years)- hexies are the perfect portable project!  I took my hexie supplies (in my new pouch, of course!) down to South Florida for the weekend.

I would say that must have been inspired by the Fourth of July holiday because my hexies were all patriotic red/white/blue, but in all fairness I always like those colors.  Nautical colors and prints get me every time!

As I was finishing up, hubby decided he wanted to try one- and couldn't believe it when I agreed to give him a turn :)

He did very well for his first ever hand sewing project!  A few extra threads, but a he produced a very nice hexie!

Now I'm working on making these hexies into a pillow cover.  Probably going to be a bit of a long process, but I'm hoping to finish it before the summer is up and the coordinating quilt moves off the back of my couch for the fall.  With all the travel I do though, it shouldn't be an issue.  I always get so antsy when I am out of town and away from my sewing machine.  Glad to finally have some handwork to keep me occupied. 

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