Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cause and Effect

I finished my first hexie project- a zip pouch to put my hexies in.  Amazing how one thing leads to another :)

I have tried zip pouches in the past, but not with very much luck. This one came out cute, but I think there is still room for improvement. I wish the zipper was straight across the top and the corners up there didn't turn in, especially since that happened after I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest telling me how to avoid it. #pinterestfail

On the bottom of the bag I use a contrasting fabric- kind of on purpose and kind of not.  I wasn't thinking about needing extra fabric to box the bottom so I had not cut the right size pieces of the green (and had already sewn on the hexies, so I needed to use that piece).  So I grabbed the gray polka dot fabric and planned on having some of it show on the sides, but after I boxes the bottom it exactly covered the bottom.  Couldn't do that again if I tried, and I think it ended up being even cuter that way.
And in another great cause-and-effect example, I made a matching needlebook to put in the hexie pouch. 
So the way it went- hexies -> zip pouch -> needlebook.  Story of my life!  Same thing happens when I do chores or run errands, and people wonder what I do during the day.  One simple task always leads to 7 more!


  1. That is lovely! I'm really impressed with the pouch, I've never even attempted one, and I love your hexies, they deserve a good storage home. Mine live in a ziplock bag! Perhaps it's time to try a pouch :)

    1. Thank you! I used a tutorial from Noodlehead for the pouch. If you want to try one, here is the tutorial :).

  2. Your pouch turned out awesome! And the matching needlebook, perfect!
    I should probably make one as well, mine live in a ziploc bag as well!

  3. The pouch is adorable. I also love the needlebook - much nicer to carry around than a tin which keeps opening!