Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jellyroll Troubles

That is the best way to describe these blocks.

How on Earth do I have a harder time with these, should-be-simple, patchwork blocks than I did with my star blocks??  Actually, I can answer that- #1. I stink at sewing long, straight seams (I really should have just chopped up the strips into squares vs. trying to do this the "easy" way) and #2.  pinked edges on jellyroll strips and I are not friends.  I never know if the pinked edge counts in the 2.5" measurement or not.  Do you cut off the little triangles?  Ignore them and sew 1/4" down from their lowest point?  Count them as part of the 2.5" square and match the top points and sew a 1/4" from there?  Does any of that make sense? 

Either way, I tried to ignore the little triangles and it did not work in my favor.  Well, it might have if I hadn't ignore them for one batch of patches and included them in the seam allowance for another- so when I tried to match seams between the two sets it did not work.  Yeah, that was fun.  Started these blocks last Wednesday as soon as the tutorial was posted and finished them today, 7 days later, since I (being a typical, type A) had to resew some/most seams. 

On the brightside, they finished now (and up to my own standards) and look good with the rest of the blocks!

We are getting so close to the end of this- I can't want see all the finished quilts!

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