Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Attack of the Crafty Wife

Hubby is back in town after working in Texas for the last 7 months- YAY!  While he was gone they moved things around at the local office and he was kicked out of his cube.  What was he to do?  Swipe one of the open offices of course!  And what was his crafty wife to do?  Make something to decorate his walls (and help him claim the office) of course!

So what do you make for a executive's office?  Needs to be professional.  And I was told "no pink, purple, or Lilly [Pulitzer]".  Hmm...

Enter fabric covered board boards with custom pushpins-

Just a few cork boards from Walmart, some fabric, some spray glue, and some hot glue = custom cork boards.  I figured it would add a pop of color but still be practical too.   

As for the pushpins-

I found baseball themed buttons at Walmart (pure dumb luck, definitely did not expect that), grabbed some thumbtacks and the hot glue again and suddenly there were custom pushpins. 
I think he likes his office (and decorations :)

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