Monday, July 8, 2013

Lucky Stars QAL

Reasons why I am loving my first ever Quilt-a-long:

#1. someone else has figured out all the math
#2. someone else has figured out all the cutting
#3. it's just a few blocks a week to make, so it isn't overwhelming
#4. the pattern is so cute!
#5. posting photos on Instagram and seeing others what others are making is so much fun
#6. chatting on Instagram with the QuiltStory girls and getting feedback on my blocks from the girls who designed the quilt is awesome! (I have read their blog for years and always get so excited when they chat with me- feel like I am talking to celebrities :)  #giddyquiltinggroupie
#7. the pattern is so cute!  (yes, that deserves to be mentioned again!)

And now, for the newest Lucky Stars blocks, the square-in-square

And all the blocks together so far

I'm so happy I used navy for the background and got out of my white rut.  The navy looks so sharp with these prints (and is much for practical for a baby quilt).  Many thanks to QuiltStory for showing me a Lucky Stars quilt with a navy background, its what pushed me to do the same!

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