Saturday, March 9, 2013

I'm a Cheeseball :)

The skirt for the work costume party just proves one thing- I'm a total cheeseball.  Company color- royal blue.  My choice of felt- royal blue.  Company mascot- cheetah.  The accent on my skirt, not a poodle but- a cheetah.  Everyone keeps telling me that people go all out for this party, so I'm thinking I should earn some brownie points for the fiancee with this blatant show of company spirit. 

So how was making a poodle skirt without a pattern you ask?  It actually didn't go to bad.  Yes, it took longer than it would have if I had had a pattern but it turned out fine.  I even managed to install my first zipper in a garment with only one phone call home to mom.  She had a handy little trick though- scotch tape!

You sew a basting stitch for your seam, then press it open and lay the zipper down the seam.  Then use scotch tape to keep the zipper in place while you sew.  Works great but a word of advice, remember to take the tape off before trying to use the zipper.  Not that I would know from first hand experience of course.  And the good news is I am an expert zipper installer now, thanks to the four times I altered the size of the skirt and had to take the zipper out, trim the skirt, and reinstall the zipper.


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