Thursday, March 7, 2013

For Sam

Those few little extra scraps from yesterdays quilt for Sam where mixed with a few other scraps-

and after a little sewing-

(ok, maybe alot of sewing- trying to make it baby proof!)
I had this-

And after some minky was added to the back-

(wow, huge difference b/w daylight and nighttime photos! Will remember that for the future- promise!)
Tada!  A tiny taggie toy!  The tags are made of ribbon, jersey knit, canvas, and ricrac.  And FYI- jersey and canvas are not the best things for a taggie- at least not when it comes to sewing them on.  Trying to sew over fabric, two layers of canvas, and a layer of minky was not easy!  I'm still not sure if I will actually send this along or not.  It is the first taggie I have ever made and I am slightly worried about how it will hold up to a baby. 
Would you send it?  

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