Monday, April 8, 2013

Rag Wreath (tutorial)

Easter is over and therefore my Easter tutu wreath needed to come off the door.  I have a board on Pinterest of wreath ideas and decided that a rag wreath would be my next project.  I pulled out bunches and bunches of fabric scraps with the plan to make a pink/purple/green/yellow/orange/summer-y wreath but as I looked at my fabrics my plans changed.  I spotted a stacks of nautical fabrics instead- red, white, blue, navy, gray, perfect for summer and for the patriotic holidays during this time of the year as well. 

I started by cutting my fabric strips into 4"x1" strips (mostly because my fabric was already cut into 4" blocks).  Sorry, no photos of this part, but I'm sure you can manage it without photos :)

I grabbed two strips and made an X, then put a pin in the middle.

Insert the pin into a foam wreath form and push it into the form- it will help the fabric stand up a bit.  Also, on my last wreath I cut my wreath form in half to get two for the price of one- don't do that with this wreath (unless you have very short pins).  My pins were poking out the back of my half-a-wreath-form so I had to run out and buy a new form.

I thought I would just work my way systematically around the wreath, but after a few fabric strips I realized the error of my ways.  Not only was I worried about the fabric patterns not being evenly distributed, but it was hard to tell if I had too many pieced of fabric in one area or not enough.

I decided instead to insert a set of fabric strips and then turn the wreath a few degrees before inserting the next set.  This method worked much better. (note: my original section is still in the photo above, but I did take it out and redo it).

Working my way around

Starting to get full now!

Perfect (except for being a slightly blurry pic). 

Ahh, that's better.  Much less blurry and shows the colors much more accurately.  This wreath also is a nice contrast with my cream door, my Easter one did not stand out as much as I would have liked.  (and for those that are curious, the magnet on the door says "in case of emergency, please save our 2 cats" - made it on Shutterfly a few years ago).

I have no idea how this wreath will hold up in the Florida sun and humidity, but I am hoping for the best (there is a glass door in front of this door, so that should help).  All of the fabric was scraps, so if it evens up getting yucky I can toss it without feeling too guilty (though lets be honest, tossing any fabric no matter the condition it is in will make me feel a little guilty).

Linking up to QuiltStory.  Also- eeekkkk!!!  Just looked at QuiltStory and they featured my patchwork pillow from last week!!!  Day = MADE!  AND it was featured in the same post as a feature from SewSara- a blog I have been reading for years! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!


  1. Very nice wreath idea. I must try that, it would work for any occasion or time of year. Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you. I am already planning one for Halloween with black, white, orange, and purple :)