Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter Basket Refashion

What do you do when you are having a Spring wedding and the florist wants to charge you $25 each for baskets for your flower girls?  Hit the Easter clearance sale at Joanns of course!  Some fabric, some ribbon, and an hour with my machine and I had two cute baskets for $15 total.
I took the lining out of one of the baskets to make a pattern. 
And grabbed my new favorite sewing notion- my Clover Wonder Clips- to assist me in holding the sides and bottom together.  Thank you to those that talked me into them :)  They were much easier to use than pins.  Also, why can I sew a circle like this with no problem, but Applecore and Drunkard's Path blocks intimidate me?  Isn't it essentially the same skill?  Sewing a curve?  ...

I used ribbon as an accent on the liners (just for fun, not because I forgot to make a casing or anything....)  I'm so happy with how these little baskets turned out.  Much cheaper than the ones from the florist and I got to play in my sewing room- win win!  A before pic of the basket can be found on the previous post here, if anyone is curious.

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