Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nauti Tees

I found a great website the other day full of embroidery designs- and when I created an account they immediately sent me a 50% coupon!  I purchased a few designs (ok, maybe a few more than a few :) and two cheap mens tees from Walmart and transformed them into these cute beachy tees!  Perfect for this Florida Belle.
First up to transition the tees from cheap to chic- a little nautical monogram.  Yes, that is right, monogram- those nautical flags spell out AJG!  (I can't take credit for this brilliant idea- I saw it on a friends Etsy site, Sweet Tea Monograms). 
Also it is important to note here, do not trust everything you see on Pinterest!  It is a little hard to tell in the photo but on the white tee the first flag and the middle stripe in the second flag did not stitch up very well.  There are skipped stitches and I was so bummed.  I had seen a pin that suggested putting wax paper between a tee and the needle of the machine- supposedly it prevents the fabric from bunching, but it turns out a good sew on stabilizer does the same thing and keeps the stitches much nicer.  Once I pulled the paper away I got much better results.

Here is a shot of the front of the navy tee (with the backwards monogram thanks to my mirror :)

And a little something to really cute-sy up the tees - tiny little embroideries on the back!
And the back, with my messy hair and all. Yeah, can't believe I am posting this pic either. Also, have you ever tried to take a photo of your own back? Not easy to do.
I LOVE the way these tees turned out.  They are perfect to run around town in - comfy and cute, an unbeatable combination in my book.  I also like the way the designs stitched up (without the wax paper :) - you never can be too sure when you order online. 
And to the lady at the Singer shop in Dallas who told me it was "impossible" to embroider a dense design onto a tee without puckering like crazy - HA!  I did it! Score one for Brother machines over Singer!  Or at least, score one for good stabilizer and a girl smart enough to use it :)

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