Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fabric Tuesday

Yippee!  It's Fabric Tuesday and I actually have something to share!  Sooo glad to have my sewing mojo (kinda, sorta, mostly) back.  I pulled out some scraps this past weekend and my Accuquilt and started cutting. 

Surprisingly, I really don't have much of a scrap selection.  I tend to buy fabric for a project and use it all up.  The scraps that I have are from a bunch of random projects and sometimes it is hard to get a color scheme that works from them.  This little set of fabrics took way longer to choose than it should have, but I think it is looking cute so far.  I am starting to get the appeal of scrappy quilts though- the fabrics in here all remind me of other fun, past projects.  It's like a trip (ok, a short one) down memory lane!

I was chain piecing these squares and finally, finally, found a way to make these easier on myself.  Once again it ended up being Clover Wonder Clips to the rescue!

Whenever I sew squares together in a chain, they always end up flipping around as I sew and by the time I go to cut them apart I have no idea which fabric I wanted on top and which on the bottom.  Not a big deal... until it comes to ironing and I want to alternate the direction of my seams.  This time I grabbed the Clover Wonder Clips and clipped the two squares together (opposite the side I was sewing).  Now I know that the red part of the clip is the top, so even if/when the fabrics flip around, I know which direction they should be.  Made thing so much easier! 
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