Friday, February 28, 2014

Finish It Up Friday

So happy to have crossed the second, big item off my baby sewing list- crib bumpers!  (And yes, I know the risks). 

I ordered the bumper foam on Amazon and was very happy with it. And also happy I read some reviews- one person mentioned having to trim the bumpers down in order for them to fit her crib and I had to do the same. So glad to have been warned about that before hand vs making all the bumper covers and then realizing they don't fit. Just one more reason to read those Amazon reviews!

The back bumper gave me the most trouble, but it was mostly in my head. With the solid part of the crib back there I couldn't make two separate bumpers with ties in the middle the way I had for the front. Instead I made two bumpers each with a very long tie across the back so I could wrap it around the wood panel and tie it there. That meant sewing the two bumpers into one big one too, and it took a few weeks for me to wrap my head around how to do that and have the seam inside the cover. Thankfully a few 1-2 hour wide-awake-at-2am bouts gave me some time to think and by the time I was ready to sew yesterday I had it all worked out and I'm happy to say it worked perfectly!  My only oopsie was not buying enough fabric, so one of those back bumpers is pieced with three pieces of scraps, but I figure I am the only one who will ever realize it. It is up against the crib rails and the wall, so it won't be seen. 

The baby will come home to this house when she is born, but our lease will end about 2 months later so I am keeping the decorating to a minimum. Once we get our own house there will be a very cute Anthropologie wallpaper on the wall behind her crib- I'm so excited to see my vision (eventually) all come together!

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  1. Very sweet bumper pads, Allison! Congrats on the expectation of a new family member!

  2. So cute - she'll be surrounded by your love. Prayers being said for a safe and easy delivery. Look forward to the happy event for you both.

  3. I love the bumpers. I had thought to make some and then you know that kid grew up and at almost 2 years old now its too late.

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