Friday, December 20, 2013

Finish It Up Friday

The table runner I am making for my grandmother for Christmas received some matching placemats today! Well, placemat tops at least. I still need to quilt them. 
I do have a few little issues with the placemats though.  First up is the size.  Above is a regular, store-bought placemat on top of the one I made.  See the difference?  I'm hoping the quilting and a wash and dry will shrink them down a bit.  Not that I have had the best luck with washing things lately...

Second up, I couldn't even make the two placemats the same size!  I was using my 1/4" foot, but about halfway though the first placemat I realized my seams were not the scant 1/4" I always aspire to (though rarely accomplish) and were instead just slightly bigger than 1/4".  So I started adjusting my sewing to get the right seam size.  Of course, on the second placemat I did everything with this adjustment.  Turns out those little 1/8ths of an inch can really add up!  The placemats will be across the table from each other, so I think I will just trim the bigger one down and go with it.  They are for my grandmother, she won't mind, right... :)

And one last shot of the placemats with the table runner.

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  1. I am sure she will love them, have a good Christmas!

  2. I sometimes think that consistency is more important than the true 1/4 inch seam--especially on a patchwork project. They do look beautiful, and I am sure she will enjoy them. I don't think bigger than store bought is a problem at all, unless you have a tiny table.